detroit tigers

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I've been living in downtown detroit for a while now and basically have the tigers stadium out my front door. Today i will be attending my first tigers game and im very excited. They will be playing against the texas rangers at seven p.m and i hope they rock their panties off.

The tree man: Dede Koswara's strange medical conditon

Throughout my life i have seen some bizarre medical conditions, and so far nothing compares to the tree man disease. He has what looks to be tree branches growing out of his arms and feet. It really is the hpv virus(warts) that has run ramped all over his body due to a very rare immune system disorder which won't allow his body to control the virus.

His case has been documented on the discovery channel and tlc. Since then he has gone through extensive medical procedures to help make his life easier to manage, by removing thirteen pounds of warts.

This case is by far one of the most striking things i have ever encountered. Here's a video and a picture so you can be amazed as well(not for those with a weak stomach).

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Pepsi Throwback

So i was cruising the isles of meijer with my beloved boyfriend and i see this towering stack of twelve packs that looked out of this world. The product was pepsi throwback and we being pop connoisseurs,just had to check it out.

My expertise in the art of pop tasting says that it was absolutely delicious. I recommend it to people who are trying to keep it all natural and stay away from high fructose corn syrup(which seems to be in everything sweet).

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one of my favorite rap songs, obie trice 'the set up'

The one thing i like about this song is the crazy fresh beat dr. dre created for it, there really isn't any thing particularly sweet about the lyrics. Just your typically everyday hood shit but the beat is so sweet i just can't get enough.