The Fourth Dimension

Never have i come across something so delightful and entertaining as Carl Sagan explaining the Fourth Dimension.I especially enjoyed when he displayed the Tesseract , trying to envision a fourth dimension is among one of the only things i like doing in my spare time, well maybe not that often,but often enough.

Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot

I found this on a message board i go to and it was so moving that i just had to repost it here. I felt that i had to share it with more people so that they can stand in awe of Carl Sagan.Enjoy!

Kings of Leon

I like Kings of Leon for three reasons, these two songs and that i was introduced to the most amazing boyfriend and person in world at one of their concerts about three years back.

Eminem:Three A.M.

Lately i've heard a couple of Eminem songs on the radio and they have left me a little dissatisfied. I knew he must have some sweet thing coming off his new album Relapse and then i found this gem.The songs is called Three A.M and i love it.Many people talk crap about Eminem but i find his cadence astounding and his lyrics genius... for the most part.

House Season Five and True Blood Season Two

House has been one of my favorite television shows of all time and season five will be coming to a close very shortly.It's season finale is on May 11th,2009. So i must replace my t.v fix with another great show,True Blood.Which is beginning it's second season on HBO and will premier June 14th 2009(If you don't have HBO like myself,you can always catch it on a few days after like i do) . The show is based off the book series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries. Written by Charlaine Harris and flew off the press in 2001.

A scientist over in Japan developed a synthetic blood which enabled vampires to become a part of society. The show takes place in the small town of Bon Temps,Louisiana. Where most of the locals are and are not ajusting to their new friends coming out from the darkness. The main character is Sookie Stackhouse and the show mostly reloves around her and the stange things that start happening once she starts becoming involved with Bill Compton, a vampire that has deep roots in the town.

I'll share the trailer with you so you can get a better idea of what the shows all about.

Brad Neeley,Oh How You Make Me Laugh

I came across Brad Neeley over the winter, he is a comic book artist and a genius.His short comic book musicals are hysterical and if you don't like em' , i can say i might not like you.Here are a few of my favorites along with a link to a website of his work on Creased Comics,check it out.

Harper's Island Revisited

I had finally gotten around to checking out the premier of Harper's Island.All i can really say about the show is short and sweet, don't waste your time.The story line was poorly written and the acting was excruciating to try and sit though.It reminds of a really bad soap opera.It just comes to show that no matter how much something is hyped up like Harper's Island was,It will usually fall very short of everyones expectations. 

Ryan Adams: Infinity Blues

A book of poetry by Ryan Adams that was officially released on April 1st,2009.I read it over the the winter months(my friend had the privilege of buying it early at his show), and it touched me on how much sadness could be in one mans life.It's written in a way that's part story,poetry,song.Which some say are really all in the same.I haven't had a chance to pick it up from the book store yet,but its definitely on my next book to buy list.In some parts of it i can't really tell if he is accounting for his own life,someone elses or a fictional character.I like the mystery about it and i will defiantly do some research to try and find out if it's autobiographical or not.

Harper's Island:Murder Mystery

I've been seeing trailers and reading articles about Harper's Island since mid-winter.The day is finally coming,April 9th on CBS, we finally find out what Harper's Island is all about.
I love mysteries,suspense,puzzles,and the game Clue.This show reminds me of all four.Week by week, one by one,someone will die and we get come one more step into finding out who the murderer is.

The Worlds Smallest Lizzard:Im A Big Science Nerd

Spaerodactylus ariasae

What can i say i love science,and i wanted to share this little guy with you,in case you've never met him before.His name is Spaerodactylus ariasae and as you can see he is very tiny.He was brought to our eyes and hearts in 2001,on a Caribbean Island,near the Dominican Republic.He is only about three quarters of an inch long from end to end.Well i hope you guys like him,but who wouldn't...seriously:)

The Killers:Human Offical Video

Who likes The Killers? I really love this song.I don't know much about the band,but this song,so catchy,so eighties sounding.

Nag Champa:My Favorite Smell

Nag Champa is by far my favorite smell across the whole smell spectrum,so if you like burning incense and have never tried,you should definitely pick yourself up a box...or two,three.

Ryan Adams:Let it Ride

This is a video of Ryan Adams playing the song Let it Ride on the Letterman show.It's off the cold roses album,you guys should check it out.

Everyones favorite childhood book:Where The Wild Things Are

This is the trailer for the upcoming movie Where The Wild Things Are.I don't know about you,but the fact that they are making this beloved childhood book a movie,makes me all giddy inside. cant stop myself

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Man this face in a hole thing is addictive,it's like heroin...or something with the same hook factor but more socially acceptable. just got to try it

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Going to this website is the most fun i've had i a day or two.Who thought putting your face in a hole could be so fun.

I hate all of you:best of craigs list,anonymously written

I hate all of you

Date: 2008-04-20, 11:50PM EDT

I don't care what colour you are. I don't care where you're from. I don't care what you do for a living. I don't care what class you are, how you dress, what you smoke or drink or who you know or whom you've fucked.

I hate you all. I hate every last living, breathing, snot and feces producing, promiscuously copulating, celebrity obsessed, opinionated one of you. From right here in Toronto right around the planet and back, coast to coast, nationwide and internationally. Every. Single. Last. One. Of. You.

Fuck love. Fuck your insipid grasping at some abstract concept of chemical imbalances and reasonless actions, fumbling around in the crowd trying to find some cinematic supposition for real human interaction. Fuck lust, too. Fuck you all, from the lowlife dirtbags that think dropping trou and waving the little soldier in a sloppy arc is a pick-up line to the sniveling of the desperate 'nice guys' who never get the girl due to a total lack of testosterone grown stones. Fuck you all, from the crazy, under dressed sluts that judge a persons character by the price of their shirt, right down to the fat, flabby chicks that think personality is enough.

Fuck you drivers, for thinking that a yellow light is a sign that says 'step on the gas'. Fuck you wheelmen and women that think it's okay to sit in a left hand turn in the middle of morning traffic, even though there is a protected left in the intersections before and after where you need to make your turn. Fuck you too cyclists - you're not exempt from the traffic laws just because your peddling, you miserable spandex covered neon reflective fucks. Fuck you too, pedestrians. Use the fucking crosswalk if you don't want to get hit, and use it before the little countdown clock says '3'. You don't have enough goddamn time to lope across four lanes of traffic.

Fuck you chick on your cellphone. Fuck you attitude packed minimum-wager that makes my coffee. Fuck you cops that spend all their time handing out speeding tickets. Fuck you douche bag doing ten over the limit in the passing lane on the highway. Fuck you lady using exact change at the counter at the grocery store. Fuck you kids having a conversation in the doorway. And fuck you also for not getting the fuck out of your designated handicapped seat when a pregnant or elderly person gets on the fucking bus.

Fuck taxes. Fuck welfare. Fuck the whole selfish, over politicized and party driven government system. I'm sick and fucking tired of policies and new laws with seven hundred bylaws that nobody but you and your cabinet reads. Fuck you councilors and your stupid 'district improvement' plans. Fuck you unions, for asking for so much and giving nothing more that what you already give. Fuck the whole process that allows people who are supposed to be working for us work for interests that only benefit the next campaign. Fuck your short-sightedness, your rush to the bandwagons, and your incessant arguing over fuck all. Fuck the parties, fuck the conventions, and fuck your campaigns. Do some real fucking work for a change.

Fuck you bottles of water. You're water. You're not worth two fucking dollars.
Fuck you trendsetters, fuck you fashionistas. Fuck your little dogs and and your idiotic outfits. Fuck your high heels in the snow. Fuck your five dollar coffees and your fifteen dollar veggie burgers. Fuck your health kick, your diet or your fucking new interest in kickboxing or sushi.

Fuck your culture. Fuck your race. Fuck your sense of entitlement. Fuck your sense of uniqueness. Fuck you all for the belief that you have something unique and interesting to contribute. Fuck you for filling the internet with your useless garbage. Fuck your blogs, your wikis, your forums. Fuck your name calling. And most of all, fuck whatever you believe. It's all wrong. Fuck it.

Fuck your complaints. Fuck your addictions. Fuck your dependencies. Fuck your pain. Fuck your tears. Fuck selling whatever it is you sell. Fuck your manipulation of others. Fuck movies. Fuck fucking. Fuck everything you own. Fuck your allergies. Fuck your stupid commons sense. Fuck your spelling and fuck your lack of education, or your ignorance, whatever is applicable.

I don't give a fuck. Shut the fuck up and just get on with it.