Harper's Island Revisited

I had finally gotten around to checking out the premier of Harper's Island.All i can really say about the show is short and sweet, don't waste your time.The story line was poorly written and the acting was excruciating to try and sit though.It reminds of a really bad soap opera.It just comes to show that no matter how much something is hyped up like Harper's Island was,It will usually fall very short of everyones expectations. 


meg4fancast said...

I kind of like it! I think it's entertaining in a silly way. I'm going to give it a shot. Fancast actually hosts a chat with the recently deceased person from Harper’s Island every Friday at 1pm EST. It's cool!

the anger monger said...

I'm going to give it another shot,i was really sleepy when i first watched it.I liked the whole idea and was excited,but just disappointed because it wasn't what i expected.